Monday, July 2, 2012

In Search of Thomas Berger: In Which I Get Tricky

July 2nd
No reply from Jonathan Lethem yet, fellow adventurer. Perhaps his secretary, Lucy, is in the business of losing emails. Or it could be that they read it together, had a long laugh, and then tossed into cyberspace, never to be seen again.

But it won't deter me. Today I sent yet another email, this one in the most tricky way, for I am a tricky boy. There is a book filled with essays about Thomas Berger that I read a year ago. In the back of the book is a secret, a secret so secret that I will tell it now: There's an interview in there between Thomas Berger and David Madden, editor of the book. It's interesting. Never reveal this secret!

I figured that finding this David Madden guy would be a good way to go since he had some interaction with Mr. Berger and probably went to his house for dinner a couple times and maybe spent a couple days on Berger's couch when Madden's wife and he were fighting (is this true? I don't know. But wouldn't it be great?).

"Ah, Mr. Madden. Feel free to peruse my library while you cry softly
into a mug of my finest kool-aid."

I found David Madden's website (which was made in 1999 and looks like it) where I learned that he works in the English department of California State University (go Hornets! Specifically Herky! Herky who is a Hornet!).

Herky: the Hornet, the Ladykiller

Knowing professors, I decided that this time I would go the route of schmoozing. I started my email by telling him how enthralling his book was (even though I only read half of it) and how great it was to include the interview so that we could get a look into Thomas Berger's process. I debated telling him how he deserved a Pulitzer for his work and possibly an honorary knighthood from the Queen, but thought better of it. After laying on a thick paste of schmooze, I got to the point. I told him I am an undergraduate at USU (true) and that I want to study Thomas Berger during my graduate studies (maybe true, but honestly, I understand nothing about graduate programs). Then I made the bold move and asked politely and in a very roundabout way for Mr. Berger's contact info.

My sneakiness surprised even me! Surely, fellow adventurer, this shall lead to triumph.

SPORTZZZZZ!!!!!(it was the only triumphant thing I could think of)!!!!

Hopefully I'll get a reply, even an angry one. As long as someone sends me a reply, I'll know that there's a world outside of my small town (it's quite possible this is the Truman Show and that you are all using me for your entertainment, which I would get because I'm very interesting).

Wish me luck, fellow adventurer!

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