Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Most Adventurous Adventure: Camp Adventurous's Adventure Camp for Adventurers

Fellow adventurer, do you love adventure? If you answered "no," I strip you of your title. But if you answered "yes," let me tell you about Camp Adventurous's Adventure Camp for Adventurers.

America: A land of freedom, liberty, democracy, and opportunity. And how did America get to be so great? How did it gain all of these incredible attributes? Adventure. The Spirit of Adventure is the spirit of every American man, woman, and child.

Even this man, woman, or child

People are asking, "Whatever happened to America? It used to be so great?" Yes, America was once great (at enslaving people and oppressing women and minorities). But America's greatness has not left her. It has evolved. Every time you shoot a text from an iPhone or get soap from a hands-free dispenser or eat a Double Down from KFC, you're partaking of the great American adventure.

Adventure oozes from the Double Down and congeals in the hearts of all!

Don't you want to be part of that adventure?

I'm offering the opportunity for little adventurers to participate in what I have dubbed Camp Adventurous's Adventure Camp for Adventurers. We will do things, and you will learn stuff. It may increase your resistance to extreme temperatures! It's always a surprise!

So send me a message if you want to participate, and maybe neither of us will die.


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