Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Logan Out Loud: Blaydor's Backyard Bash

Good news, fellow adventurer!

As you already know (because you are aware of everything that goes on in my life), Logan Out Loud, Logan's professional comedy troupe, was recently forced out on the streets where they had to fight other nomadic troupes (circuses, jugglers, Shakespearean actors, and minstrel shows (I was as offended as you)) to keep their rightful place on top of the Cache Valley comedy world (which is about two steps up from the bottom, it's a shallow comedy pool).

The most important thing that a comedy troupe can do is throw it's weight around like it's the greatest thing in the world (which works for us, because we are). We entered our troupe into NACA (National something something something) and will be attending their convention in November to audition for college tours. But you're asking yourself, "Master and King of Adventure, what will you do until that blessed day?" Perform, of course (I can't believe you didn't think of that)!

We are close to having a venue (more details to come), but until then, we will be doing a series of shows around the valley. The first will be on July 21st in Trent Hunsaker's backyard. Who is Trent Hunsaker, you ask? I can't give out that kind of information without his permission. But here are the deets (details (details about the show (details about the comedy show that Logan Out Loud will be performing in Trent Hunsaker's backyard))).

Now that you are dying with anticipation to see some real live stars (us (we're huge between Logan and the edge of Logan)), I figured you should get a little preview of what's to come for the backyard show (aside from what you're about to see, you can also expect the police to show up and shut us down because they hate happiness). So my roomie, Mike Grover (Junior Adventurer 1st class), and I decided to check out the venue (because we don't trust Trent).

Mike, ruining my perfectly framed shot of the parking lot across the street

So with Mike on his scooter and I in my Sweet Bonny (Chevy Bonneville, the pinnacle of luxury, and a Chevrolet to boot! Probably Chevy's finest car), we headed over to look at the place. 

Definitely a house

Trent lives in a questionable part of town. So BYOG (Bring Your Own Gun)! In fact, the mailbox has two names, neither of which are "Hunsaker," so it's very possible that we're performing in the backyard of a house-thief. I wouldn't put it past him. On to the performance area!

Mike, blocking your view of the seating area

The backyard can fit a bunch of people (don't ask me for specifics, just show up early). There's a big tree that will probably offer shade if you're one of those people (people who think that melanoma is still a thing (get over yourself)). We envision this backyard coated in blankets and dotted with lawn chairs. A fight will break out about five minutes prior to the show and somebody (maybe you? You'll have to be there to find out!) will get stabbed. But they won't die, because laughter will heal their wounds. Which brings us to the stage!

The stage/back porch/bicycle storage area

The stage is a traditional drop-down stage (is that a thing? It sounds like it should be). We checked the acoustics (which means "sound stuff") and they sounded great (as good as they will without some extensive remodeling of the area that Trent is unwilling to shell out the money for, like a baby). Also, we'll be able to use the side gate to go to the driveway which we can use as a performer's entrance/quick exit when the police show up!

As if the backyard was not exciting enough, we discovered as we were leaving, tucked away (in plain sight) in the corner of the back porch, the most incredible thing:

In case we need to cook some tasty burgers between games (we get famished)

Don't get your hopes up, fellow adventurer! Burgers are for performers only! Also, we are too poor (cheap) to actually buy burgers, so we'll probably just forget about the barbecue grill. But it looks great/not broken!

Moving on from the grill (though I'm not sure I can ever forget it), Logan Out Loud is grateful to the fans (friends) who have supported us. We're excited to bring you this free show and future shows.

I personally invite you, fellow adventurer, to come and laugh with us, cry by yourself (because we aren't sissies), and enjoy the summer weather (unless it rains, in which case, tough it out, champ!).

Blaydor be feared, fellow adventurer!

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